Chocolate Oat Cookies

This week has not been without its fair share of kitchen disasters.  I have been trying to perfect a chocolate mousse terrine and gave up after my third attempt – never wanting to see another chocolate mousse again.  I also tried my hand at deep fried cauliflower.  Why? When I don’t like deep fried food and I don’t like cauliflower.  I was not converted!  By the end of the week I was looking for familiarity.  Something that I knew would work.  Something comforting.  A good old fashioned oat cookie, crispy and perfect for dunking was my answer.  These oat cookies were part of my Mum’s baking repertoire when we were growing up.  We used to know them as Gypsy Creams and I was always intrigued as to where the name originated from but have never managed to find out.  My Mum used to sandwich them together with a buttercream icing but I generally leave them plain as they last longer in the tin.  For this batch I sandwiched them together with some leftover Mars Bar sauce (which, by the way is perfect over  vanilla ice cream).

Right – time for a cup of tea and a….

Chocolate Oat Cookies1

Chocolate Oat Cookies

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 30 single cookies

Chocolate Oat Cookies


  • 200g butter
  • ½ tblsp golden syrup
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2½ cups porridge oats
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp mixed spice
  • Chocolate filling:
  • 1 standard size Mars Bar
  • 80ml single cream
  • 20g dark chocolate (about 3 squares)


  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C (350°F).
  2. Melt the butter and syrup in a pan over a medium heat.
  3. Mix all the remaining dry ingredients in a bowl and then add the butter and syrup mixture.
  4. Mix well to combine.
  5. Using your hands, roll the mixture into small balls about the size of a walnut. (You do need to work it together a bit - as if you are using a stress ball).
  6. Place on a baking tray and flatten with a fork. Reshape if necessary. (These biscuits do not spread much so flatten as much as possible).
  7. Bake for 13 - 15 minutes. They will still be soft when you take them out the oven but will firm up once cool.
  8. Sandwich together with butter icing, chocolate filling or leave as is.
  9. For the chocolate filling:
  10. Chop the Mars Bar into small pieces and melt over a medium heat together with the cream and dark chocolate.
  11. Mix to a glossy sauce and then refrigerate until it is thick enough to spread on the cookies.

This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs up organised by Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen from My Little Favourite DIY. This month the theme is cooking with oats and is hosted by Vivian of Vivian Pang’s Kitchen.


I am also linking up to this month’s Alphabakes challenge which is shares by The More than Occasional Baker and Caroline Makes.  This month’s letter is ‘O’ and is hosted by Caroline Makes …

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25 thoughts on “Chocolate Oat Cookies

  1. Elizabeth

    I saw this photo in the Recipe of the Week linky and I recognised your style! 🙂 These cookies sound utterly divine, perfect milk dunking cookies for sure, especially sandwiched together like that. Yum!

  2. kitchen flavours

    Lovely cookies, Angela!
    These looks really good, especially with the chocolate spread. And it’s calling for a tall glass of cold milk!

    1. Angela DarrochAngela Darroch Post author

      Ha ha – I almost put a glass of milk in the background and then thought I’d better not as I’m not sure if anyone actually drinks milk with their cookies these days 🙂

  3. Emily @amummytoo

    Beautiful and soooo mouthwatering. Love the lighting – everything is so crisp 🙂

    Thanks very much for linking this up with #recipeoftheweek. I’ve Pinned and Stumbled this post and there’s a fresh linky just gone live. Would love you to join in 😀

  4. Evelyn Howie

    your oat cookies (Gypsy Creams) look great. Would love to know how many of these I have made but I know none ever looked as good as these. The chocolate cream looks really nice . Must try them again. From Mum.

  5. Caroline

    Wow, the mars bar sauce in the middle is a great idea! I love oaty biscuits so I will have to bookmark this. Can’t help on the gypsy cream name though I’m afraid! Thanks for sending this to Alphabakes.

  6. Under The Blue Gum Tree

    Ooh I love a Gypsy Cream – they seem to be quite a South African thing I think? Certainly I’d never had them before I came here. Your version looks absolutely delicious. Particularly with Mars bar in the centre. Yum!

  7. Johanna GGG

    they sound a bit like biscuits we have in Australia called kingstons which I love because of the chocolate filling – the idea of adding a mars bar is genius – it looks both successful and comforting – hope it boded well for more experiments in your kitchen

  8. Choclette

    Hope things got better in the kitchen. I think they might have done as evidenced by these glorious biscuits. Gypsy creams used to be my favourite bought biscuits when I was young, but I haven’t seen them around for years. No idea where the name came from either. These would have made a perfect entry for last month’s We Should Cocoa too.

    1. Angela DarrochAngela Darroch Post author

      Oh that is so funny as I made these with the intention of submitting them to We Should Cocoa but then thought the chocolate addition was a bit tenuous. Will be over next month though. xxx

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