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Angela Darroch

Hi and welcome to My Golden Pear.  My name is Angela and I currently live in a little leafy village on the outskirts of London in the UK.   My love of food started a long time ago as a young girl still at school.  I can remember my Mum giving me carte blanche to cook a 2 course meal on Saturday nights and I loved the whole process from planning what to cook,  the preparation and of course the eating of it.  I am an avid collector of cook books and magazines and read through them time and time again.  My hubby often laughs at me when I choose to  read a recipe book in bed as if I was reading the latest bestseller.  My early childhood was spent in South Africa and Zimbabwe and then latterly in Scotland and England so my influences are quite diverse.  My Mum has probably been the biggest influence in my life as she has always been a great cook.  I have so many good childhood memories based around the food that my Mum cooked for us.  It is probably because of this that I have decided to journal my own cooking experiences through this blog.  I am a Mum to two gorgeous young children – My Golden Pear –  and I would love to have something for them to look back on one day and remember  the good times that we had through our love of food and sharing it together as a  family.

So without further ado – make yourself comfortable and stay awhile ….


Please contact me on angela.darroch@ntlworld.com for any further information.

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  2. Kirsten Bromilow

    The video of Sean and Kirsty making kebabs is wonderful 🙂
    I can see that wonderful childhood memories and influences will continue to feed through another generation!
    So lovely spending time with you all today.


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