Brandy Sidecar

Well I’ve finally succumbed to all the gorgeous cocktails that Lucy of Supergolden Bakes teases us with every week. When it comes to cocktails I normally stick to a few safe options which I know will hit the spot but if you are a regular reader of Supergolden Bakes (and if you’re not then you should be) you will be tempted with something new almost every week.

Of course, making cocktails is not a cheap exercise and I certainly don’t have the choice of drinks that Lucy has but I do have some of the basics.  After a bit of research I found that I could rustle up a Classic Brandy Sidecar. My first attempt was good but just a touch too sour for my liking. I added in the orange juice to sweeten it slightly and rimmed my glasses with sugar which made it very drinkable.


So, not quite a classic Brandy Sidecar but if like me you prefer something slightly sweeter then this version is worth a try.

Mmm I might just have to try another one to make sure   It is the holidays after all.


Brandy Sidecar

Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Servings: 1 serving


  • 2tblsp sugar

  • zest of 1 orange

  • 25ml Brandy

  • 50ml Cointreau

  • Juice of 1 lemon

  • Juice of ½ orange

  • Ice cubes


  • Mix the sugar and orange zest together in a shallow saucer.

  • Wet the rim of your cocktail glass with some lemon juice.

  • Dip the edge of the cocktail glass in the sugar and zest mixture. Leave to dry.

  • Add the Brandy, Cointreau, lemon juice, orange juice and 4 - 5 ice cubes to a cocktail shaker.

  • Shake well for at least a minute.

  • Strain into your cocktail glass.


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